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MDRU Awarded Over $1 million In Funding From NSERC Alliance-Mitacs To Launch New British Columbia Golden Triangle Project

The Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is pleased to announce the award of $1,042,923 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate program (matching $450,000 in industry cash contributions). This project aims to define a chemical and temporal “fingerprint” for volcanic rocks in […]

MDRU awarded $2.7 million NSERC funding for mineral exploration research in BC

The Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is pleased to announce the award of $2,700,000 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Alliance program (matching $1,350,000 in industry cash contributions).  The project aims to improve exploration success for porphyry copper deposits in British Columbia. Over […]

UBC Launches of the International Caving Research Network (ICaRN)

The Deans of the Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Science at The University of British Columbia, together with the Head of Mining Engineering, the Head of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, the Director of Geological Engineering, and the Director of the Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU), are pleased to announce the formation […]

MDRU Research Identifies NEW Porphyry Mineralization and Potential, in northern BC Mineral District

MDRU research into the transitions that exist between epithermal and porphyry systems in northern BC’s Toodoggone District, has recognized features that indicate that exposed and mineralized porphyry copper deposits are only between 150 and 300m beneath the epithermal systems that were previously exploited.  Additional geological, mineralogical and geochemical data together form a very compelling story […]

MDRU Research Develops a New Way to Build Geophysically-Constrained 3D Structural Models

A recently released manuscript documents how MDRU students, researchers and collaborators utilized geophysical data to build a highly-constrained 3D structural model of the Guichon Creek Batholith in southern British Columbia, Canada. This batholith is important because it hosts the giant Highland Valley porphyry copper deposits. This new method modeled surfaces from linear magnetic features in […]

UBC Student wins National Geological Mapping Award

MSc candidate Andrew Steiner is the 2019 recipient of the Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award! Andrew’s research aims to map auriferous fluid pathways, identify the geological controls on fluid flow and assess the physiochemical evolution of ore fluids in the Carlin-type gold deposits of the Nadaleen trend in northern Yukon.  Andrew is supervised by  Ken Hickey. […]

MDRU Uncovers Mineral Potential of BC’s ‘TREK’ Central Interior Region

MDRU has literally rewritten the book on Central BC geology and tectonics. A new report on the geology and metallogeny of the Interior Plateau region has been released as a key contribution of the Geoscience BC Targeting Resources for Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) initiative. The report by Joel Angen, Craig Hart, Rachel Kim and Mana Rahimi supports […]

MDRU Mineral Occurrence Discovery Purchased for $2.5M CAD

Field mapping by MDRU crews in 2015 in central British Columbia, Canada, resulted in the discovery of a native copper mineral showing (called “Liesegang“).  The mineralized rocks appeared to have about 4{4f68512a01b6c7d7b16fb2c0178fca0ea196e8717437457c5f4289110417847b} native Cu replacing voids and fractures.  The geochemical results from our exceeded 1{4f68512a01b6c7d7b16fb2c0178fca0ea196e8717437457c5f4289110417847b} Cu (maximum detection) and 7 gpt Ag.  The nature of […]

New MDRU Research Characterizes Footprint of Giant Carlin Gold System

Research at MDRU has documented spatial variations of several geochemical and isotopic features that characterize the giant Cortez Hills gold system in Nevada.  These results contributed to defining the significant hydrothermal footprints of the giant Carlin systems and providing a basis for more effective exploration decision-making.  The research constitutes the MSc thesis completed by Christopher Herron, supervised […]