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MDRU has literally rewritten the book on Central BC geology and tectonics. A new report on the geology and metallogeny of the Interior Plateau region has been released as a key contribution of the Geoscience BC Targeting Resources for Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) initiative. The report by Joel Angen, Craig Hart, Rachel Kim and Mana Rahimi supports new 1:250,000 scale geological maps that were released in 2017 which profoundly establishes a new geological framework for the region.  The new geological understanding of the region was only possible because of the availability of the excellent airborne magnetic dataset which provided the opportunity to ‘see through’ the abundant glacial sediments and young basalt flows which cover much of the region,  and put together a contiguous and cohesive geological foundation.

The report also indicates new mineral occurrences, types of mineral deposits, and provides a new setting for the large Blackwater epithermal Au-Ag system.  All of this information provides a new foundation for improved exploration decision-making and improved exploration success.

Geology and Mineral Potential of the TREK Area, Northern Interior Plateau, Central British Columbia, Parts of 1:250,000 NTS Sheets 093B, C, F and G.
By Angen, J. J., Hart, C. J. R., Kim, R. S., and Rahimi, M., 2018.
Geoscience BC Report 2018-12, MDRU Publication 411, 175 p.

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