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Our research focusses on regional to deposit scale controls on base and precious metal deposits particularly copper and gold, improving ore body knowledge, and method development. Innovation is in our DNA – from new analytical technology to new geoscientific data, we are at the cutting edge of mineral deposit research.

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Structural, stratigraphic and temporal constraints of gold mineralization in the Bigar Hill deposit, Timok region, Serbia

  • Research Themes: Gold Deposits, Regional Metallogeny
  • Author: Jelena Živanović
  • Degree Type: MSc
  • Supervised by: Craig Hart
  • Year: 2019

Thallium Mineralogy of the Taron Epithermal Cesium Deposit, Argentina: Implications for Economics, Mining, Metallurgy and the Environment

  • Author: Taylor Ledoux
  • Degree Type: BSc
  • Supervised by: Peter Winterburn
  • Year: 2019

Breccia-hosted chemical and mineralogical zonation patterns of the northeast zone, Mt. Polley Cu-Ag-Au alkalic porphyry deposit, British Columbia, Canada

  • Author: H.E. Pass
  • Degree Type: PhD
  • Supervised by: D. Cooke, G. Davidson, Z. Chang
  • Year: 2010

Titanite as an indicator mineral for alkalic Cu-Au porphyry deposits in south central British Columbia

  • Author: Celis, Antonio
  • Degree Type: MSc
  • Supervised by: Dr. Farhad Bouzari and Dr. Craig Hart
  • Year: 2015

The deformed Early Jurassic Kerr copper-gold porphyry deposit, Sulphurets gold camp, northwestern British Columbia

  • Author: David Bridge
  • Degree Type: MSc
  • Year: 1993

Structural geology and processes of deformation in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic evolution of the Queen Charlotte Islands

  • Author: Peter Lewis
  • Degree Type: PhD
  • Supervised by: John Ross, William Barnes, Marc Bustin, Kelly Russell, Bob Thompson
  • Year: 1991

The genesis of ‘giant’ copper-zinc-gold-silver volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits at Tambogrande, Perú : age, tectonic setting, paleomorphology, lithogeochemistry, and radiogenic isotopes

  • Author: Lawrence Winter
  • Degree Type: PhD
  • Supervised by: Richard Tosdal
  • Year: 2008

Geologically-constrained UBC–GIF gravity and magnetic inversions with examples from the Agnew-Wiluna greenstone belt, Western Australia

  • Author: Nicholas Williams
  • Degree Type: PhD
  • Supervised by: Richard Tosdal, Doug Oldenburg
  • Year: 2008

Understanding physical property : mineralogy relationships in the context of geologic processes in the ultramafic rock-hosted mineral deposit environment : aiding interpretation of geophysical data

  • Author: Victoria Sterritt
  • Degree Type: MSc
  • Supervised by: Richard Tosdal
  • Year: 2006

Tracing hydrothermal fluid flow in the rock record : geochemical and isotopic constraints on fluid flow in Carlin-type gold systems

  • Author: Jeremy Vaughan
  • Degree Type: PhD
  • Supervised by: Ken Hickey
  • Year: 2013