Vancouver Campus

MDRU Research Develops a New Way to Build Geophysically-Constrained 3D Structural Models

A recently released manuscript documents how MDRU students, researchers and collaborators utilized geophysical data to build a highly-constrained 3D structural model of the Guichon Creek Batholith in southern British Columbia, Canada. This batholith is important because it hosts the giant Highland Valley porphyry copper deposits. This new method modeled surfaces from linear magnetic features in […]

New MDRU Research Characterizes Footprint of Giant Carlin Gold System

Research at MDRU has documented spatial variations of several geochemical and isotopic features that characterize the giant Cortez Hills gold system in Nevada.  These results contributed to defining the significant hydrothermal footprints of the giant Carlin systems and providing a basis for more effective exploration decision-making.  The research constitutes the MSc thesis completed by Christopher Herron, supervised […]

Welcome new students

Four new students have joined us in recent months. Connor Turvey Connor completed his PhD in geochemistry at Monash University in 2018. His thesis research included investigating the carbon sequestration capacity of anionic clay minerals, X-ray diffraction method development work and understanding the Mg isotopic signatures of ultramafic mine tailings undergoing weathering. He is now […]