Vancouver Campus

Four new students have joined us in recent months.

Connor Turvey

Connor completed his PhD in geochemistry at Monash University in 2018. His thesis research included investigating the carbon sequestration capacity of anionic clay minerals, X-ray diffraction method development work and understanding the Mg isotopic signatures of ultramafic mine tailings undergoing weathering. He is now working as a postdoctoral research fellow within BRIMM on carbon sequestration within ultramafic mine tailings.

Eric Wynands

Eric Wynands recently graduated from Queen’s University where he studied geological engineering. He is working on carbon sequestration for his M.Sc. thesis, and will be examining the dynamics of optimal CO2-water-tailings reactions and cementation to enhance tailings stability.

Katrin Steinthorsdottir

Katrin obtained her undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Iceland with one year as an exchange student in the University of Bern, Switzerland. Following her graduation, she worked for the University of Colima, Mexico, monitoring Volcán de Colima. For her master’s degree she’ll focus on alteration and nickel mineralization at the Baptiste deposit in British Columbia.

Eoin Cross

Eoin received his BA in Natural Sciences (Geology) from Trinity College Dublin in 2009. Upon graduating, he joined Teck Ireland Ltd. as an Exploration Geologist working on projects in Ireland, Canada and USA. Eoin relocated to Vancouver in 2016 where he held the position of Senior Project Geologist at Teck’s Pend Oreille Mine, Washington, USA. In 2018, he started his MSc with MDRU looking at the Geology of the Central Balkans Polymetallic Belt as part of the second phase of the Western Tethyan Metallogeny Project.

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