Vancouver Campus

SC123: Orebody Knowledge – Leveraging Cross-disciplinary Datasets


November 6, 2023 - November 10, 2023    
8:30 am - 5:30 pm


UBC Earth Sciences Building | ROOM ESB5104 - 5th Floor
#2020 – 2207 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC

This course is ideal for those wishing to gain in-depth and hands-on knowledge of how leveraging cross-disciplinary information and data can optimize and improve the mineral resource sector.


Robust orebody knowledge is crucial to determining both the viability and profitability of an ore deposit. Comprehensive geological, engineering, metallurgical, environmental, and economic datasets are required to adequately assess mining behaviour. The integration of these data at numerous scales allows for the creation of predictive rock mass behaviour models, including blasting, caving, comminution, liberation, recovery, and environmental behaviour. This course will focus on the key technical and financial aspects of orebody knowledge and how these can be integrated to predict and optimize mineral processing throughout the mining value chain. We will also address common barriers to successful orebody knowledge including discipline silos, lack of a common vocabulary, knowledge transfer, and data utilization. The course will be delivered over 5 days through a combination of classroom lectures, lab demonstrations, data collection and modelling examples, real-world case studies, and practical exercises. Presenters will include experts trained in a range of disciplines working in both academia and industry with vast experience in the orebody knowledge space.

This course is designed for all mining and resource industry professionals and researchers including mining engineers, geologists, metallurgists, environmental scientists, financial analysts, mine managers, and research scientists.


The schedule includes 19 presenters from industry and academia specializing in disciplines across the industry, including geoscience, engineering, mineral processing, environmental science, finance, and technology. The course is delivered as a series of presentations, guided discussions, exercises, and lab demonstrations. Topics include fundamentals and basics, industry standards, history, best practices, perspectives, and case studies in orebody knowledge across:

  • Geoscience: presented by Jim Lang (NorthWest Copper), Hannah Lang (MineSense), Regina Baumgartner (Teck), John Thompson (PetraScience), Shaun Barker (MDRU), and Cassady Harraden (MDRU)
  • Engineering: presented by Ryan Campbell (Freeport-McMoRan), Erik Eberhardt (UBC)
  • Minerals Processing: presented by Bern Klein (UBC), Stefan Nadolski (Minpraxis Solutions)
  • Environmental Science: presented by Roger Beckie (UBC), Ayesha Ahmed (Teck), Regina Baumgartner (Teck)
  • Economics and Technology: presented by Dave Lawie (IMDEX), John Steen (UBC – BRIMM), Albert Chong (Wheaton Precious Metal), Michael Doggett (Beach Meadows)
  • Integration Across the Mining Value Chain: presented by Pim van Geffen (ERM), Kevin Byrne (Teck), McLean Trott (ALS GoldSpot), Gabriela Brandao (Teck), Geoff Owen (Teck)


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UBC Vancouver Campus
Earth Sciences Building – 5th Floor


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