Vancouver Campus

Project Information

  • Research Themes: Exploration Methods
  • Location: Global
  • Project Status: Active
  • Researchers: Dominique Fournier

MDRU are experts in the application of petrophysics to ore system investigations and exploration. Petrophysics, or the physical properties of rocks, is a fundamental feature that controls the geophysical responses of rocks and ores. In order to better understand the relationships between the geophysical responses and exploration for ores, it is essential to understand the empirical relationships between these components and all variables that affect them. For ores, the mineralizing and alteration processes that form them, have profound affects on the physical properties that differentiation them from unmodified host rocks and therefore record mineralizing processes related to fluid flow and fluid:rock interactions.

A petrophysical understanding of any site is a fundamental step before the application of geophysical inversion technology.