Vancouver Campus

SC125: EM for Geologists Workshop


November 17, 2023    
8:30 am - 5:30 pm


SFU Downtown
515 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

EM for Geologists:
Managing Technology to Solve Exploration Problems

Of the various sub-disciplines of mining geophysics, the group of techniques that are classified as part of the ‘electromagnetic’ family are likely the most diverse (and arguably complex) surveys to acquire, process and interpret. However, these techniques are a critical part of the methods used to explore for a large variety of mineral deposit types. MDRU, in collaboration with the Decennial Minerals Exploration Conferences and BC Geophysical Society are pleased to present a one-day workshop that includes the following:

  • High level review of EM theory, instrumentation, exploration strategy and modeling
  • A series of case studies using EM techniques for a range of commodity types
  • A two-part panel discussion to review common issues related to EM techniques currently used and issues the user industry would like to see addressed.

This course is ideal for exploration geologists with an interest in the better use of geophysical techniques and EM in particular. No special prior training or experience is required. A professional training certificate will be provided after completion of the workshop. Students and MDRU members are welcome at a discounted rate. Given the diverse breadth of the workshop, students enrolled in geology, geophysics or mining engineering would likely find the course of interest.


EM techniques have been used for target detection for decades. Increasingly however, there is more use being made of EM techniques for geological mapping, both with ground techniques (often MT) and airborne (with AFMAG). The traditional targeting role as well expanded to both the types of geological models being explored for and the search depth. The course is intended to give the non-geophysicist a basic background in the use of EM techniques, touching on theory, instrumentation and modeling but with a strong emphasis on integrated case studies.



  • Introduction – Ken Witherly: Condor Consulting, Inc.
  • EM Theory – Doug Oldenburg: UBC-GIF Emeritus
  • Instrumentation – Geoff Plastow: SEEQUENT
  • Modelling EM- Scott Napier: Mira Geoscience
  • Linking EM to Geology – Joel Jansen: Lundin Mining
  • CS 1: A Review of Airborne Electromagnetic Data over a Polymetallic VMS Deposit – Hannah Pederson: Condor Consulting, Inc.
  • CS 2: An evolution of geophysical methods over the unconventional magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Méquillon deposit – Circé Malo-Lalonde: Canadian Royalties
  • CS 3: Detecting and recovering porphyry and epithermal mineralization systems with broadband natural field airborne EM– Alexander Prikhodko: Expert Geophysics
  • CS 4: 3D Time Domain Inversion of Ground Electromagnetic Data; A Case Study for EM Inversion Applications to VMS Exploration in the Iberian Pyrite Belt–Scott Napier
  • CS 5: EM Systems in Ontario’s Ring of Fire – Julia King: Juno Corp
  • CS 6: Practical MT – Porphyry and Minesite applications–Mehran Gharibi; Quantec Geoscience
  • CS 7: A review of EM methods in North American Porphyry Copper Exploration– Brendan Howe: Teck Exploration
  • CS 8: VTEM and HeliSAM over the BMK Deposit, Saskatchewan– Dennis Woods: Discovery Geophysics & Blake Cross: Condor Consulting
  • CS 9: What Lies Beneath? Sources of Conductivity in Porphyry Copper Systems – Ken Witherly: Condor Consulting
  • CS 10: Advances in geophysical inversion from Smooth Models to Pseudo-Geology: Joel Jansen

Maximum capacity 100 attendees.

Organizing Committee:
MDRU-Dr. Shaun Barker
DMEC-Ken Witherly
Technical Advisors-Scott Napier-MIRA, Geoff Plastow-SEEQUENT, Joel Jansen-Consultant
BC Geophysical Society liaison-Ross Polutnik



SFU Vancouver Campus (Downtown)
Labatt’s Hall


  • MDRU Members: $350 + GST
  • Non-Members: $450 + GST
  • Students: $60 + GST


Student fees qualify for a “Condor Consulting Scholarship”.
Students registering for the course need to pay for their registration and will be refunded the full amount when they complete the course.

Students travelling to attend may apply for a $200 CND (Canadian dollars) bursary provided by DMEC to cover travel expenses. Please email to apply. 


  • Lunch and refreshments will be served.
  • A participant package with course details will be emailed one week prior to the commencement of the course.







To ensure registration for any short course, it is mandatory to make the full payment in advance. Please note that if our decision to conduct a course relies on reaching a minimum class size, refunds cannot be granted. Refunds will only be considered up to 3 weeks before the course commences, subject to a 15% administrative fee. Full refunds will be provided only if the minimum enrollment requirement is not met.