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Project Information

  • Ore Deposit: Epithermal, Porphyry, Sedex
  • Commodity: Copper, Gold
  • Research Themes: Gold Deposits, Regional Metallogeny
  • Location: Iskut River area, northwestern British Columbia
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Start Date: 1989
  • End Date: 1993

MDRU undertook the Iskut River Metallogeny project in response to intense interest by the mineral exploration and mining industry in the 1980s and 90s. In 2012, Geoscience BC worked with MDRU to update and re-elease updated products generated during the original project. Both of these endeavors are presented here.

Project Overview

This comprehensive research project is a milestone in regional Cordilleran metallogeny.  It was undertaken as MDRU’s first large consortium project between 1989 and 1993.  The project was sponsored by 16 companies, and received additional financial support from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the British Columbia Science Council. The study included collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada and the British Columbia Geological Survey, and involved one Research Associate, three Post-Doctoral Fellows, and five MSc students.  MDRU released the Iskut Project deliverables to the public domain as MDRU Special Publication 1.  In 2010, Geoscience BC updated the map files into modernized GIS/geospatial files to make the spacial data more accessible.


The researchers and contributors on this project included:

  • Senior Researchers: A.J. Macdonald, J.F.H. Thompson, P.D. Lewis, A.D. Ettlinger, D. Ghosh.
  • Student Researchers: R.D. Bartsch, D. Bridge, A. Kaip, G. Nadaraju, D.A. Rhys, T. Roth.
  • Contributing Authors: J.K. Mortensen, F. Childe, R. Friedman, J. Gabites, M.L. Bevier

Industry Sponsors

B.P. Resources Canada Ltd., Cominco Ltd., Ecstall Mining Company, Granges Inc., Gulf International Minerals, Homestake Canada Ltd., International Corona Corporation, Kennecott Canada Inc., Kenrich Mining Corporation, Lac Minerals Ltd., Newhawk Gold Mines Ltd., Noranda Exploration Company Ltd., Placer Dome Ltd., Prime Equities Inc., Skyline Gold Corporation, Solomon Resources Ltd., and Teck Corporation.



MDRU Special Publication Number 1
This publication comprises the original 2001 project report and data as well as the updated Geoscience BC files.  This report is only available to MDRU Corporate members. This product includes:

  • 26 Chapter Final Report (download Table of Contents pdf)
  • Original Map set (includes Geochem and Geochron sample locations)
  • Map Legend
  • Geochemistry Data (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Converted Geology Maps and Shape Files (Geoscience BC 2012 release)

P-001 Geochronometry of the Iskut River Area – An Update.
Macdonald, A.J., van der Heyden, P., Lefebure, D.V., and Alldrick, D.J.1992, Geological Fieldwork 1991 (Grant, B. and Newell, J.M., Editors)
B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Paper 1992-1, p. 495-502.

Geoscience BC Report 2013-05. In 2012, Geoscience BC converted and released the original AutoCAD linework of the three Iskut River geological maps to topologically correct features in shapefile format.  This package includes:

  • Iskut Project Geology Maps (Set of three – pdfs)
  • Geology Map Legend (pdf)
  • ArcGIS Shape Files
  • Accompanying Notes
Metallogeny of an Early to Middle Jurassic Arc, Iskut River Area, Northwestern British Columbia
Macdonald, A.J., Lewis, P.D., Thompson, J.F.H., Nadaraju, G.T., Bartsch, R.D., Bridge, D.J., Rhys, D.A., Roth, T., Kaip, A.W., Godwin,C.I., and Sinclair, A.J. (1996)
Economic Geology v. 91, 1996, p 1098-1114.