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Mineralogical Controls on Gold Recovery at Kişladağ, Turkey

This is the maiden project for MDRU's Geometallurgy Initiative, which began in 2017. The project focuses on identifying the mineralogical controls that variably affect gold recovery at Eldorado Gold's Kişladağ mine in western Turkey.

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  • Julie Hunt

Start Date: 2017

This project is part of MDRU’s Geometallurgy Initiative and will focus on

Getting more from core

Testing and development of tools and protocols for the collection of systematic, quantitative, spatially constrained data that relate to the mining value chain

Domain definition and characterization

Interrogating existing (e.g., logging, geochemistry, RQD) and newly acquired datasets to identify domains and determine relationships and indices to inform the mining value chain

Geological context for mineral deportment

Determining relationships between rock parameters (and proxies) that enhance decision-making for improved comminution, mineral liberation, and recovery

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