Vancouver Campus

Project Information

  • Ore Deposit: Epithermal, Hydrothermal, IOCG, Orogenic gold, Placer gold, Porphyry, Sedex, Skarn, Supergene, VMS
  • Commodity: Copper, Emerald, Gold, Nickel, Platinum, REE, Silver, Zinc
  • Research Themes: Base Metals, Gold Deposits, New Projects, Regional Metallogeny
  • Location: Colombia
  • Project Status: Active
  • Start Date: 2010

MDRU recognized the importance of Colombia as an aspiring jurisdiction in 2010 due to its unexplored historical gold production, favourable geology, and its high-potential for precious and base metal world-class discoveries. Since that time, we have been active to increase the geological, magmatic and mineral deposit knowledge through a series of industry-supported research projects. Despite a complex internal social and political history in the past decades, the opportunity to increase the exploration success in Colombia is directly related to generating additional geological knowledge, and this is well-recognized as a high-priority objective for many major and junior exploration companies within the mining industry.

Through different industry- and government-funded research projects, MDRU has built up substantial knowledge of Colombia's tectono-magmatic history and its key role in the formation of mineral deposits and mineralizing processes.

MDRU Colombia Metallogeny Research Projects

Industry-funded MDRU Collaborative Research Projects on specific deposits in Colombia:

  • Pantanos-Pegadorcito Cu-Mo (Au) Project (Minera Cobre de Colombia S.A.S.) (2016-2017)
  • La Aurora Au-Ag Mine, Zaragoza-Segovia-Remedios Mining District (Minerales Otú S.A.S./Grupo de Bullet S.A.S) (2018-present)

MDRU areas of interest for research in Colombia:

  • Late Miocene-Pliocene-Pleistocene Cu-Au porphyry mineralizations
  • Oligocene to early Miocene pluton-related mineralization in SW Colombia (Nariño Department)
  • Eocene Chocó Cu-Mo (Au) Belt
  • Late Cretaceous Antioquian Batholith Au-Ag mineralizations
  • Late Cretaceous Cu-Au porphyry belt in NW Colombia
  • Late Cretaceous Au-Ag mineralizations in the Zaragoza-Segovia-Remedios mining district
  • Jurassic Au-Ag mineralizations in the San Lucas Range

External Collaborators

  • Thomas Bissig (Director Geochemistry, Goldcorp Inc. – former MDRU Research Associate and CGPP leader)
  • Robert P. Shaw (Consulting Geologist)
  • Juan Pablo Valencia Ríos (Project Geologist, Minera Cobre de Colombia S.A.S. – MSc candidate Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
  • Carlos Andrés Serna Peña (Project Geologist, Minerales Otú S.A.S. – MSc candidate Universidad de Caldas)


Posters and Presentations

Valencia-Ríos, J.P.,  Leal-Mejía, H., Molano-Mendoza, J.C., Rey, R., 2018. Evolución Magmática y Mineralizaciones Asociadas al Depósito Tipo Pórfido de Cu-Mo (Au) Pantanos-Pegadorcito, Antioquia, Colombia. Oral presentation at the XIII Semana Técnica de Geología, Ingeniería Geológica & Geociencias (STG). Manizales, Colombia.

Leal-Mejía, H., Shaw, R.P., Hart, C.J.R., and Bissig, T., 2015. Jurassic pluton-related Au-Ag mineralization at Mina Uno, Mina Seca – Mina Brisa Trend, Serranía de San Lucas Au Province, Colombia. Poster presented at the MDRU 25th Anniversary Celebration – April 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

For more on the MDRU Colombia Metallogeny projects and new research opportunities in Colombia, please contact Hildebrando Leal-Mejía or Craig J.R. Hart