Use MDRU Expertise to Solve your Mineral Exploration Challenges.

MDRU Corporate Members are encouraged to take advantage of our expertise, research skills and analytical tools to solve your exploration challenges.  Since 1990 we have conducted collaborate research and provided research services to industry partners on a range of topics related to the geology, exploration, discovery and processing of mineral deposits.  Creating new knowledge leads to improved exploration decision-making and success.  Studies can range from global- to deposit-scales, from targeting to metallurgical, or from empirical to conceptual.  Projects can be short, such as a proof-of concept, or can target long-standing issues that may take several years such as during mine development.  Deliverables can include simple data collection, data integration, or sophisticated interpretations, and can come in the form of reports, training, presentations and short courses.  Talk to us.


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  • Plane and polarized, transmitted and reflected light petrographic microscopes, with camera attachment
  • Binocular microscope – great for looking at mineral grains
  • Rock prep and sample sorting space
  • Rock photography and thin section scanning
  • Rock saw
  • Rock crushing
  • Heavy mineral separations with heavy liquids and magnetic methods
  • Hydrothermal Alteration and Clay Studies using SWIR and XRD analysis
  • Carbonate Alteration Footprint detection using carbon and oxygen isotopic analysis of carbonate rocks and minerals – download the Mineral Isotope Analyzer flyer
  • Cathodoluminescence and UV fluorescence evaluation of rocks, alteration, veins and mineral grains
  • U-Pb LA-ICP Geochronology and zircon trace element chemistry
  • Porphyry Copper Fertility studies
  • Mineral Chemistry for indicator minerals and fertility
  • BHP/Utah Mines Island Copper Deposit Archives
  • Cordillera Pb-Isotope Galena Archive
  • MDRU rock, sample and mineral grain archives (subject to approval)

ENGAGE with Us

  • Work with us to design a research project that contributes to your exploration decision-making.
  • Corporate Members have the unique opportunity to join Consortium Research projects
  • Support a PhD or MSc project that will directly improve your project knowledge
  • Embed an MDRU researcher on-site, or place a valued employee  within the MDRU/UBC research environment
  • Our researchers are available for direct engagement, providing advice for conceptual targeting or strategic planning exercises
  • Current and recent research Consortiums include; Carbonate Alteration Footprints, Western Tethyan Metallogeny, Porphyry Indicator Minerals and Colombia Gold and Porphyry Project