MDRU Member Benefits

Access to Highly Qualified People

  • MDRU Researchers provide rapid consultation
  • Our graduate students are your next employees
  • UBC Professors bring extensive research expertise
  • Visiting researchers & distinguished lecturers provide opportunities for learning and collaboration
  • MDRU Staff provide technical support

Visit our Resource Room to view and read

  • Books & Reports
  • Technical & Scientific Journals
  • Newsletters & Trade magazines
  • Past MDRU project reports
  • Past MDRU short course volumes

Access to our Analytical Equipment

  • Numerous microscopes, including camera attachment
  • TerraSpec SWIR for alteration studies, and software for spectra evaluation
  • Fluid Inclusion Analysis, including IR light for sulphides like sphalerite and stibnite
  • Carbon and oxygen isotopic analysis on carbonates
  • Rock photography and thin section scanning
  • Cathodoluminescence and UV evaluation of geomaterials, veins, mineral grains

Maybe you can get some use from our Archives

  • BHP/Utah Mines, Island Copper Archives
  • Sheahan Diamond Library
  • Cordillera galena archive
  • MDRU rock and sample archives

Rock & Sample Preparation

  • Rock prep, and sample washing and sorting space
  • Rock saw
  • Rock crushing and heavy mineral separations

*Due to UBC safety, access to some these spaces is restricted to trained students and staff

Look over our shoulder and see how we use various software to solve problems

  • Leapfrog and ioGas
  • Geosoft
  •  ArcGIS and MapInfo
  •  Iolite for laser ablation data reduction
  • TSG for SWIR spectra evaluation
    We also have a plotter for large-scale map and poster printing

Please talk to us if you have any questions or any other facilities you are interested in!

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