MDRU provides a wide range of professional development training opportunities to industry colleagues to increase their understanding of mineral deposits and exploration methods.  We provide topical and relevant training for our corporate members through short courses, seminars, lecture and workshops run by our own or invited experts in their discipline. We also provide customized and in-house training to our members on a variety of topics, most recently running custom courses on porphyry and epithermal deposits, exploration targeting, GIS and hydrothermal alteration.

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Graduate Education & Research

MDRU accepts a limited number of graduate thesis-by-research MSc and PhD students each year to support our research projects.  Student candidates are part of the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences.  We preferentially accept those students who have a few years of experience in the minerals industry.  These students tend to be more mature, aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and are comfortable working in the industry.  Students with strong field or mapping, skills in petrography or with leadership and communications strengths are more highly considered.  Those students with scholarship support or other funding are also more likely to be successful.  We are also always on the look out for exceptional candidates for Post-Doctoral Fellowships.

If you are interested in graduate research opportunities with MDRU, contact our researchers directly regarding the specific project that interests you.

Further information on degree options, courses offered, and graduate study applications can be found at on the EOAS website.