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SEG Student Chapter (UBC)

Mission Statement

The University of British Columbia Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter is open to UBC undergraduate and graduate students interested in the study of economic geology and its essential role in our society. Our goal, as students of the Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS) Department, is to maintain the chapter as a research resource and discussion forum.

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Craig Hart:
Director, Mineral Deposit Research Unit
Phone: 604-822-5149

Executive Committee (2010-2011)

President: Brendan Scorrar
Vice-President: Moira Cruickshanks
Treasurer: Leif Bailey
Secretary: Jessica Norris

Please direct all enquiries to Brendan.

International Field Trips

The major activity of the Student Chapter each year is an annual student-organised international trip to a region of the world with notable geology and mineral wealth. (read more)


We gratefully acknowledge those companies and organisations who have sponsored and supported our trips and activities over the years:

2008, Eastern Europe: Anglo American Ltd., Barrick Gold Corp., Equity Engineering Ltd., the SEG, and the GAC (Canadian Cordilleran Division).

2007, Sweden: Equity Engineering Ltd., Kaminak Gold Corp., Barrick Gold Corp., Ed Balon, the SEG, and the GAC (Canadian Cordilleran Division).

2006, New Zealand: Chester Millar, Barrick Gold Corp., Shane Ebert (Vector Resources), Kaminak Gold Corp., Brilliant Mining Corp., the SEG, and the GAC (Canadian Cordilleran Division).

2005, Chile: Barrick, Lumina Copper, Equity Engineering Ltd., Ivanhoe Mines, Almaden Minerals.

2004, South Africa: Ivanhoe Mines, Equity Engineering Ltd., KIM Dynamics, UBC Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, SEG, GAC (Canadian Cordilleran Division).

As a non-profit society with no membership fees required, the Student Chapter must gather funds through fundraising activities.