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Short Course 48

Field Mapping of Ore Deposits — Anatomy of a Tilted Porphyry Cu Batholith and its Hydrothermal Alteration Features, Yerington, Nevada (U.S.A)


March 20 - 28, 2008

This course involves an 8-day field excursion and mapping exercise around Yerington, Nevada. Yerington is a classic locality where porphyry Cu deposits, high level Fe oxide deposits, and volcanic and plutonic complex have been tilted 90° on to their side so that a complete 3-D picture of a zoned magmatic-hydrothermal system is exposed.  The full course provides an opportunity to enhance skills in detailed field geologic mapping techniques used for recording structural, age, and igneous information as well as hydrothermal veining, mineralization, and alteration.  Mapping exercises will be undertaken in porphyry Cu deposits (MacArthur and Ann-Mason) and in a skarn (Casting Copper) deposit. Field excursions through the Yerington Batholith, porphyry Cu hydrothermal alteration systems, advanced argillic environment in volcanic cover rocks, contact metasomatic aureole, and sodic-calcic alteration and related Fe oxide-Cu (Au) mineralization complete the course.  Course starts in Reno, Nevada.

Organized by:
John Dilles (Oregon State University - OSU)
Dick Tosdal (MDRU)


MDRU/OSU member: $ 1400 USD  
Non-MDRU/OSU member: $ 2000 USD ( Until Feb. 15, 2008 )
Late Registration: $ 2500 USD ( After Feb. 15, 2008 )
University: $ 450 USD ( Until Feb. 15, 2008 )
University Late Registration: $ 650 USD ( After Feb. 15, 2008 )

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For more information, contact:
John Dilles or
Richard Tosdal, Director, MDRU; (Ph: 604-822-5149; FAX: 604-822-8535).